tip for divorce/joint custody mediation

During high conflict mediations, it can be tempting
to point out how unreasonable, wrong, misguided
or irrational the other party is being.

The risk of doing so is two-fold:

the lastest science about the teenage brain

Dan Siegel, author of the excellent parenting book Parenting from the Inside Out, has recently published a new book about the teenage brain: Brainstorm.

I just listened to him being interviewed by Dr. Laura Markham of ahaparenting.com and I think you'll really enjoy what he has to share. He explodes a lot of the unfortunately persistent cultural myths that stimulate parental fear and dread in our society. Teens really can be fun and energizing to parent when you understand what's happening in their brains and bodies.

You can hear the interview here:  http://www.ahaparenting.com/_blog/Parenting_Blog/post/listen-to-dr-dan-siegel-talk-about-the-brain-teens/

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