collaborative problem solving

Many of you already know that I am a huge fan of Dr. Ross Greene's parenting model as described in his book The Explosive Child.

I've mentioned before that I think the title is a bit unfortunate, because the strategies for collaborative problem solving that he teaches apply equally as well to non-explosive kids, and even to adults, businesses, and nations. 

I just heard about two websites which are chock full of free resources -- articles, worksheets, and videos about how to implement this approach.  I am thrilled beyond words to share these with you: 

If you find yourself frustrated with traditional parenting techniques based on behavior modification - time out, consequences, loss of privileges, etc - either because they simply don't work for your child, or because your child is complying but you are not satisfied with extrinsic motivators that require constant vigilance on your part to maintain, please check these out!

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