teaching your child the joy of giving

Have you heard about the anonymous couple that made a New Year's resolution to donate $52 each week for a year (52 weeks)?  They started a blog to chronicle their experience and encourage others to join them:  http://www.52times52.com/.

Each Friday they choose a different recipient. If you read only one of their posts, I recommend this one.  And have kleenex handy. http://www.52times52.com/our-own-awakening/

This idea completely delights me.  Even if your family can only afford to give $1 each week, can you imagine how wonderful it would be to sit around the dinner table and decide together who will receive your gift?

It's such a simple act with such powerful implications. What a fun way to teach our kids so many valuable lessons:
even small contributions can be significant
little amounts add up over time
no one is too young to participate in helping
it is fun and feels good to give

which all adds up to an empowering sense that I can make a difference!

Even simply discussing who should receive the gift and why would be so enriching and expansive.  What a lovely way to get kids thinking compassionately about good citizenship, current events, and global issues!

Each member of the family might find themselves paying attention to their daily surroundings in a different way, scanning for needs and causes to bring to the family table for consideration.  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it ...

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