teens and technology

I can always count on Sue Blaney over at Please Stop the Rollercoaster to post wise and practical information and resources for parents. I thought this post on teens and technology was exceptionally insightful: http://pleasestoptherollercoaster.com/blog/2010/02/11/parenting-online-teens-advice-for-parents/

Visit Ann Collier's blog to be kept up to speed on the latest technology from a family perspective. http://netfamilynews.org/

Oh, and don't forget to ask your kids to teach you about what's new! That's a fun conversation, and it's a nice way to maintain a close connection with them.

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giving up the pacifier

Our son has been very attached to his pacifier since birth. We began preparing him in fall that when he turned 3, he would get a big boy bed and he would need to get rid of them. Last week I went to wash them and noticed they were breaking and could be choking hazard. So I told him we had to throw them out right away, and he did. Then we made a big celebration out of his big boy bed.

He was excited at the time... until bed time. It's been so emotional for me and him. And here it is 4 days later, and he desperately misses his pacifiers. He is constantly shoving his fingers in his mouth and chewing on his shirt (even though he only had them at nap and bedtime), which he has NEVER done, and he also has a rash on his chin because of it.

So my question is... can you help us? Do I get more pacifiers and let him have them back until he is ready to let go of them? Or stick to it and he will find something to replace that sucking habit?

stuck in a parenting rut?

Sometimes, even when we know exactly what we want to do differently in our parenting, we feel like we are stuck repeating the same patterns over and over again. We may continue to yell, threaten, withdraw, or overreact, even when we truly want to respond calmly and rationally to our children.

My child shows no remorse #3

Q: I have a 4 year old son who doesn’t seem to show any empathy when he hurts someone. Just yesterday he was sent home from school because he punched a child in the face. When he was asked to apologize to the boy that was crying, he didn’t seem to show any signs of empathy, sadness for the other boy or embarrassment for what he did.