getting baby to sleep longer at night

Not getting enough sleep at night?
Perhaps one of these suggestions will be helpful:

Swaddle baby tightly at bedtime to keep him from startling himself awake.

Let baby sleep in a portable crib in your room for easier night feedings.

Don't pick her up at the first murmur. Wait a bit to see if she settles herself down. -OR- If you have one of those babies who gets all wound up when in distress, DO comfort her at the first murmur! If you aren't sure what kind of baby you have yet, try both and see which strategy works better.

After a feeding, put baby back down while still woozy rather than holding him until he's all the way asleep.

Keep the lights dim and don't get very enthusiastic with your voice or make a lot of eye contact during night feedings. Daytime feedings can be fun and playful, but nighttime should be all business.

Make sure baby is getting lots of calories during her daytime feedings.

Try a white noise machine.

Read Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block for suggestions about how to effectively soothe your baby any time of day.

Nap whenever the baby naps! Sleep is a Very Important Need, and takes precedence over laundry, dishes, and everything else for now.

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