parenting in brief

before you tell your child not to be upset or cry,
understand your own discomfort with strong emotions
and tears

before you command your child not to touch,
determine how you will help him satisfy his innate curiosity
and honor his intense drive to explore his environment

before you try to teach your child to share,
expand and deepen your own generosity of spirit

another parenting website I highly recommend

tons of articles about parenting issues from pregnancy through the teen years, very well organized.  covers lots of bases!

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My six year old's teacher says he shows no remorse

Q: Our six-year-old attends Kindergarten at a Waldorf school. Last week the teacher asked for a meeting, stating that our son shows no remorse when told that he has hurt his friend (lately the boys in his class have been sharpening sticks and poking each other with them), and that he gets sneaky about things he is told not to do (isn't that normal?). They want us to have him assessed.